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Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm new here..

I don't mean I am new to blogging, which I am. I mean, I'm new to this life.

In a former life, I had a career as a Registered Sales Assistant, in financial services.  At one time, I was well thought of in the field. I loved being needed by all those men, who could not live without me keeping their clients happy.  I loved the clients, many would call me and refuse to even speak to their actual advisor.  I knew my clients by voice, I knew why they were calling. Some just called to chat. Looking back, I think being a sales assistant may have actually saved my life at times, other times just my sanity.  It helped me through the death of my best college friend in '99, it gave me life back when I had my first baby in 2000 (good lord, he was needy), it gave me something to return to when my father died in 2003, then kept me sane and financially viable through my divorce in 2004/05.  Fast forward to 2012, several sales assistant jobs and a year long stint as a lunch lady I am wondering, what do I do next?

As a mom, I have plenty to do. Homework (7th grade is freaking hard!), the dog park (we have a lab/pit bull rescue), the gym, trying to be a decent cook and cleaning lady. Also, I'm a taxi cab driver. Each week it is like a delicate dance to get both kids to school, to activities, and homework done.  How is it I ever worked (for pay) in the first place? So, what do I do now?

I love reading about nutrition. I do not eat, gluten, grains or processed food.  It can be a PIA, but I feel so much better now than when I started, April 7th of this year. Along with being a better cook, I want to help my family along with healthier eating.

My other love is exercise. I workout at Full Throttle Athletics. It is a Kettlebell certified facility. I am there 5 days a week at 5:45 for my 6:00 am class.  My favorite part is the people, the other is realizing how strong I am.  However, I am still a work in progress. Along with about 50 other members, I am starting week 4 of an 8 week transformation contest.  For me the challenge has been not drinking.  I love red wine! However, I am managing to only have a couple glasses on the weekend..instead of every night.  It is amazing how much better the workouts go, when you aren't feeling off from one too many glasses of wine.

My final continuing challenge is the house. Oh to love cleaning and decluttering. I am working toward having only what we need and use in the house.  This will be my biggest challenge.

My goal with this blog is to vent, share ideas and learn how to do something new..