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Monday, November 12, 2012

Wow! What a Month

Have not taken the time to post my thoughts or clean out that drawer!  

My friend Sonja has started her pancreatic cancer treatment, she is doing a chemo sandwich with radiation in the middle.   She goes in today for her second round.   She has lots of support and love, so she will overcome.  Not to mention her great spirit...she, I am sure, is keeping the nurses in stitches.

October ending up being a big month socially.  We had something each weekend.  I was able to keep on track Primally, but drank too much wine.  I really need to kick the wine habit...not because it is bad for me, but because I drink too much.   I am a mom, so I have to drink a little but need to watch my intake.  It seems to affect my workouts, plus I tend to eat poorly when drinking.  Red wine is my pot!

This week I am working upstairs in the hell that is my children's space.  I want to get it cleaned up enough for them to put a Christmas tree up there.   We are driving to Florida on Friday for Thanksgiving week, so I obviously have lots of prep work for that as well.   Oh, then I am still needing to do that damn drawer!  

End of year goal...maintain my current weightloss, continue my Primal ways and have a great holiday season with friends and family.  

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