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Tuesday, October 2, 2012


We've know for a month one of my closest friends would be going in today for exploratory surgery. She has had an issue with her liver and pancreas. The Doctors had hoped it was just an infection, but it is cancerous. Because of the location , they are not sure if it is pancreatic cancer or liver cancer. They took out the small tumor and some lymph nodes, while also doing a Whipple Procedure.  Google it, not a simple procedure and very risky.  They will know in a few days if the cancer has spread. My friend is 40 years old with a 3 & 6 year old. I can't express how sad, concerned and scared I am for her.  We lost one of our girlfriends in '99.  Seems overwhelming to be going through cancer again.  Good thoughts and prayers, if you go there, for my friend.

Then to top it off, I tried a new crockpot recipe today. It took a lot of chopping and prep, and it sucked. My family was nice enough to eat several bites, before "being full".

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