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Monday, October 1, 2012


I love Mondays. I know that sounds crazy, but I like my regular routine. The weekends can be a bit challenging and lonely, especially when the kids are at their dads. My husband Joe, doesn't feel conversation is at all necessary. While I can talk to a wall, it would be nice to have occasional banter.  At least I have Monday...

Had a great workout at the gym. The kids are off at school. I'm watching Mike & Mike, love this show.  Poor Chuck Pagano, always sad to hear someone has leukemia. At least it is a treatable form.  Have I mentioned, I love sports? It even gets on my husbands nerves.  Growing up, we watched sports to spend time with dad. I love football, tennis, golf, basketball (playoffs), I love going to hockey games. My radio is always on ESPN. Of course, I am a Cowboy fan. My daddy used to drive 2 hours to Tyler during the bad times and the Cowboys were blackout. Then in college they returned to greatness. I didn't have many friends during the Superbowl games. I went to school in Colorado. We had a group of "wealthy" New York boys we hung out with, poor Jim Kelly, he just couldn't bring it home for the Bills.

On the agenda today... Dog park, decorate for Halloween, make meatballs for kids lunches (wish me luck), go to Reese's school to help decorate for the Book Fair.  At 4:45, the Taxi is one duty, until 7:15.

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