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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Busy Day Today!

Already, been to the gym. Love my workouts at Full Throttle Athletics! Today was all body weight exercises except for the TRX. I am getting better at pushups, but I still have lots of room for improvement.  Got the kids their lunches and breakfast and off to school.  Ate some of last nights crappy leftovers, at least it warmed up decently..added some coconut oil and had a nice primal breakfast.  Taking a little break to watch Flipping Out, love Jenny & Jeff.  Angel and I are off  to the dogpark soon, then to lunch with a man I have told I would do some contract work for, he is a financial advisor who has tried to work without an assistant.. Silly man! If time allows, I'll go to the   school and help with the book fair. My contribution is stapling all the brochures :)

Still so worried about my friend, Sonja.  I will call her today to check on her.  I hope her spirits are good, she is going to need to stay positive.

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