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Saturday, October 6, 2012

The things we get roped into..

I spent the better part of the week volunteering at the school book fair. I can not believe the amount of work that goes into it. I only spent about 12 hours there, but the lady running it was there from 8-3 each day and had a laundry list of items to do over the weekend.  This years theme is olympic related, so she even wore her tennis outfit.   It has been a lot of fun to help out, and I will be helping out over the next two weeks during the sales too.  However, it is down right inspirational how much time and love Jill has put into making the book fair a successful fundraiser for Sparks.

My friend Sonja is on the mend. She has been walking around, sitting up, her kids came to visit today. They put in a feeding tuber yesterday, she gets to go to mushy food early next week.  The plan is for her to go home on Tuesday or Wednesday.

We had our neighbors over last night.  We heated the pool for the kids to swim, I didn't realize the cold front was coming through in the afternoon.  The 5 of them froze, but had a great time. The adults played a game of cards called "beer run" a loose version of hand and foot. Much less intense than the one my father in law plays.

Off to a birthday party for my friend Christi. I used to babysit her when she came to town for the summer.

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